The development of the culture of any nation is impossible without the development of the sexual culture of the society. International specialized exhibition «Love Fantasy» has set itself a goal to introduce visitors to the world history of sexual culture, medical advances aimed at bringing the intimate relationship between a man and a woman into harmony, modern fashion trends in erotic lingerie, novelties in adult industry, the development of various methods of physical perfection of a man, as well as promote the advancement of scientific, social and cultural projects aimed at the development of sex education of the society and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

International exhibition «LOVE FANTASY» will be held on November 18-20, 2016 in the main exhibition site of Ukraine which has the status of the International Exhibition Center and is located at 15, Brovarskoy Prospect, Kiev.


Main sections of the exhibitions «Love Fantasy»:


- Medical aspects of men's health.
- Issues of reproduction.
- Producers of contraceptives and sexual stimulants.
- Sexology, gynecology and andrology centers.
- Centers for aesthetic surgery.
- Modern means for non-surgical penis enlargement.
- Means for solving the problems of sexual dysfunction.


- Manufacturers of erotic lingerie.
- Specialty Stores of erotic lingerie and accessories.
- Fetish collection.
- Erotic accessories.
- Special print publications featuring lingerie.
- Collections of clothing and costumes for parties.


- Sex toys producers.
- Ukrainian and international field-specific trading companies.
- Souvenirs, funny gifts.
- Devices for sexual stimulation of partners.
- Specialized cosmetics.
- Pheromone perfumes. - Domination fetish products.


- Vumbuilding and imbuilding training centers.
- Erotic and Pole Dance training.
- Thematic clubs.
- Exhibits by masters of erotic photography.
- The history of the world sexual culture.

Exhibition program:
Master classes by leading sexologists and psychologists.
Exclusive shows.
Erotic lingerie and clothing fashion shows.
Conferences and seminars.
Displays of photographs by leading photographers and artists.